Fractured Online plans a 12-day server war PvE and PvP stress test starting July 19


As Dynamight Studios continues its testing of the post-Gamigo sandbox MMORPG Fractured, it’s been offering up special events to entice players to stress the gameworld. The next is already upon us in the form of what the studio is calling a “server war” event with “12 days of PvE and PvP madness.”

“The Server War is a time-limited testing phase in which new characters are thrown directly into the end-game, with free progression and items. Its purpose is to get feedback on the balancing of end-game combat before the full game relaunch, with a special focus on PvP, including city warfare. […] Given the type of event, it is needless to say that world and characters alike are going to be wiped after it is over.”

Dynamight notes that only the continent of Aerhen will be available, characters will start at the rank cap and can freely respec, housing and cities will be cheaper for the duration, and the first pass on alchemy is ready to play with. Account rewards are in store for top player and guild performers.

The event begins at 10 a.m. EDT on July 19th and runs through July 30th, with the main caveat being that it’s aimed squarely at players who’ve already bought in to the early access with an “adept” founder pack or higher – that’s around $27.75 US.

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