EverQuest II’s Oceansfull Festival returns with a new dungeon as the Summer Jubilee nears its end


The summer season of EverQuest II is almost over as the Summer Jubilee that started with Tinkerfest in June is now ending with the Oceanfall Festival’s return this month, bringing with it some well-known and new activities and goodies for fans of the MMORPG to take on.

The centerpiece of this year’s event on the live servers is the Awuidor: Trench of Terror, a new 120+ dungeon that can be challenged in either solo or heroic difficulties and has a new daily mission associated with it. The shell game of the event is also updated, bringing 33 items in total – nine that are all-new, and 10 that haven’t been seen since 2019. As for TLE servers, most of the features of the festival are available except for certain quests and the new dungeon due to expansion availability.

As mentioned earlier, Oceansfull marks the final portion of the Summer Jubilee, meaning this is the final step needed for players to enhance their Golden F’Aestival Bracers to their maximum potential. Of course, there’s more to do on top, but it’s only around until Wednesday, August 24th.

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