Blue Protocol JP confirms Blitz Lancer launch date, adds a summer event, and continues battling bugs

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The Japanese version of Blue Protocol has been absolutely bursting at the seams with updates, so allow us a few moments to sweep up all of these news dust bunnies and keep you as up-to-date as possible.

We begin with a release date for the Blitz Lancer class, which is confirmed for August 16th. The special site built for this update not only goes over the new class but also showcases other patch features like new dungeons and a new raid mission. Bandai Namco has also debuted a video demonstrating the class in action.

In the meantime, an update applied to the game today includes some new missions, a couple of new free exploration areas, and a new raid mission. Today also marks the start of a Tropical Resort summertime event, which brings seasonal quests to complete, summertime monsters to hunt, and event currency to cash in for cosmetics, provided characters are wearing event-specific gear.

Unfortunately, this new patch hasn’t arrived without its own share of problems, as shortly after it went live, a bug preventing players from entering the new raid mission arose that forced the game to go down for emergency maintenance. A more recent issue related to certain credit cards not working for purchases has also sprung up; Bandai Namco is asking players to go through an identification process and to take their time if this error occurs.

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