Plue Brotocol.

Whatever happened to anime MMORPG Blue Protocol?

We've all been twiddling our thumbs wondering what's going on over in Japan regarding Blue Protocol, the anime-styled MMORPG from Bandai Namco. We know...

Blue Protocol begins highlighting various NPCs ahead of its theme song release

Every good game needs a catchy theme song, and the developing Japanese MMORPG Blue Protocol is certainly no exception. To that point, the game...

Pac-Man 99 is a real battle royale and it’s really on the Switch now

Let's just stipulate that nothing is sacred and everything from your childhood, your parents' childhoods, and your kids' childhoods is going to be trotted...
We must ride like the wind.

Blue Protocol shows off the quick-access shortcut bar in another Twitter tease

When will Blue Protocol be released over here? We have no idea, it's not even released yet in its native Japan. But the team continues...
Ah... huh.

Bless Unleashed is heading to PlayStation 4 with a closed beta already planned for next week

You could be forgiven for assuming that Bless Unleashed would have no truck with any sort of successful reception, given its pedigree. But expanding...
Guns out, additional guns out.

Bless Unleashed kicks off its summer event through August 12

It's a salamander sort of summer in Bless Unleashed. No, really; turns out that every summer in Lumios involves a whole population boom of...
We must ride like the wind.

Blue Protocol’s beta test starts with delays, heavy demand, and some notable software scanning

The Blue Protocol beta finally started up! But it started up a bit later than expected because it turns out... lots of people wanted...

Blue Protocol to add another 5000 players to its Japanese closed beta test

Blue Protocol appears to be ready to ramp up the numbers in its ongoing closed beta test. The game's official site announced today that...
Got to know free.

Blue Protocol starts its Japanese closed beta testing on April 23

The beta test for Blue Protocol had to be delayed a little bit before based on COVID-19, but it was always just a delay....
Commence the jiggling.

Blue Protocol is going to be free-to-play on launch

Those of you eagerly following news about the upcoming cel-shaded Blue Protocol may be happy to know that the game now has a planned business...
Got to know free.

Blue Protocol shares more character creation and initial gameplay, Reddit fansubs the closed beta trailer

The first few moments of an MMORPG are certainly the most impactful, and in this new look from Bandai-Namco's upcoming Blue Protocol, that first...
Leashes? We don't need no stinkin'... oh, never mind.

Bless Unleashed launches on March 12, founder pack purchases are live

We can no longer make jokes about Bless Unleashed not having a proper launch date, it seems, because the game's official launch has been announced...

Blue Protocol announces timing for closed beta in Japan and unveils new details in a developer video

The developers of the Bandai Namco-published anime action MMORPG Blue Protocol have put out a developer update video and it is chock full of...
Please come out here and please be good.

English localization for MMO Blue Protocol suggests a westward push after all as alpha NDA drops

While it's not an official announcement of a western release, the news that Bandai Namco is reportedly on the lookout for an English localization...

Online tactical CCG Duelyst is officially shutting down in February

There will soon be one less online CCG for people to enjoy as of February with the official closure of Bandai Namco's Duelyst, which...
We built a very good house or something.

Bless Unleashed shares open PvP changes and casts a spotlight on the PvP-minded Court of Ravens Union

Around mid-December, the devs of Bless Unleashed explained that the game's open PvP was due for some changes and outlined a few of them....
But THIS time it'll work.

Bless Unleashed explains the multi-tiered process of equipping your character properly

If you were worried that equipping your character would be a simple process of looking at an item level number in Bless Unleashed, you will...

Bandai Namco says it has ‘no plans’ to release Blue Protocol in the west ‘at the moment’

Ever since Bandai Namco announced anime MMO Blue Protocol earlier this July, MMO fans have been champing at the bit for more info as...
Commence the jiggling.

Blue Protocol’s new trailer shows a vibrant world of adventure

Could Japan be making the next great MMO? It's hard not to feel a spark of hope flare up when watching the debut trailer...

Blue Protocol travels through time and space to bring you a new anime MMO

Here's a fun surprise for those who need something those not into Naga and Viera this week: a brand-new MMORPG announcement from Bandai Namco. The...