Blue Protocol JP shows off high-level Blitz Lancer gameplay ahead of its August 16 arrival


Blue Protocol developer Bandai Namco has once again come together for its 10th livestream to talk about features arriving August 16th for the Japanese version of the MMO, with a primary focus on the game’s next class.

According to live fan translation from Blue Protocol DB, the mid-month update will see the Blitz Lancer arrive alongside a leveling event for the class that boosts XP and item earnings. Much of the stream focused on the Blitz Lancer class, which included some high-level gameplay footage of the class in a party.

Other updates coming with the next patch include several class adjustments, new hairstyles, additional events that grant more XP for defeating certain enemies and lowered rune crafting costs for all characters, and multiple cosmetic items added to the MMO’s various gachas, battle passes, and cash shops. The stream also promised to bring adventure board improvements, mount efficiency improvements, and party quality-of-life updates through October.

Blue Protocol isn’t slated to land to our side of the globe until sometime next year, so we’re all left to contend with fan translations of Japanese broadcasts, which await below the break.

source: YouTube (1, 2, 3)
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