Blue Protocol drops location flythrough trailer ahead of Japanese launch

Check out all of the places you won't get to visit until 2024


Now that we’ve all been disheartened by the news of Blue Protocol’s global launch delay into 2024, it’s time to look at a whole bunch of in-game locations, which is either going to sate your hunger for this anime MMO or bitterly pick at scabs. You’re welcome/we’re sorry.

The video showcase, which is obviously aimed at the Japanese launch on June 14th, offers every fan of the game a whole bunch of pretty vista shots, from grand towns to smaller villages and a whole slew of landscapes, all set to an extremely chill tune. There isn’t much in the way of information, but the video embed below is certainly full of eye and ear candy at least.

Meanwhile, the game’s Japanese Twitter account is full steam ahead on the launch hype train, offering up a pre-registration campaign and granting in-game freebies for retweets.

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