Blue Protocol’s global release is delayed to 2024, Japanese version launches June 14


So we’ve got good news and bad news for Blue Protocol fans. The good news is that the Japanese version is coming extremely soon: June 14th, according to Bandai Namco’s announcement early this morning.

The bad news is that the studio also admitted the global version has been bumped to 2024, with a PC beta still on track for later this year. MMO gamers will know that last December, Bandai Namco revealed that it would launch the game beyond Japan in the second half of 2023 through Amazon Games in a global version helmed by Mike Zadorojny, but apparently that timeline won’t hold. (The Japanese launch is also technically a delay, as it was originally announced for early spring, which of course is long past.)

The delay is annoying as Blue Protocol is one of our top most-anticipated MMOs, but with so many other games launching in the back half of 2023, maybe a delay isn’t the worst thing for the genre.

Source: YouTube
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