Chrono Odyssey debuts a splashy new in-engine trailer and confirms Kakao Games as publisher


It’s been a long time since we’ve heard any major announcements out of Chrono Odyssey, the developing open world fantasy MMORPG from Npixel that was first announced in 2020 and hinges on the use of time stopping mechanics in its combat; the studio has mostly been offering drips and drabs about its mechanics and cross-platform plans.

This year’s GDC – and specifically the State of Unreal presentation – ended up being the stage for the MMO to show off some new in-game footage. The visuals are primarily focused on showcasing the visual grunt of Unreal Engine 5, but the footage also hints at the MMORPG’s open landscapes, fantastical creatures, and various threats. Most of which pour out of spooky portals, apparently.

About the only real news from the trailer and the conference is that the game is now being developed by Chrono Studio (a subsidiary of original developer Npixel according to Korean media)and that Kakao Games will be the publisher for its global release. When that release will be is still up in the air, but there’s some tasty new visuals waiting below the break.

sources: YouTube, press release, Pulsenews
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