Chrono Odyssey continues to drip-feed details of its classes, creatures, and mechanics


Npixel’s upcoming MMORPG Chrono Odyssey continues its “hurry up and wait” stance in terms of information details, with its biggest info drop coming via a trailer last month. Even so, the official Twitter account has been a steady trickle of tidbits as it highlights several features of the game in much the same way it highlighted its time stop ability.

The tweets grant some chunks of video footage that showcase classes like the nimble Assassin, the hard-hitting Paladin, and the long-ranged Sorcerer. The account has also offered some briefs on the five different enemy groups detailed on the game’s website, and has cast spotlights on gameplay mechanics like the ability to switch between two different weapons and the opportunity to fight monstrous beasts with “hundreds” of players.

Despite all of these previews, the Twitter account and the official site still offer no release plans, though the MMO will be doing so globally once those plans are confirmed. Until then, the studio does seem content to offer up little appetizers to encourage interest.

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