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Kakao Q1 2024: ArcheAge 2 and Chrono Odyssey are apparently back on track for 2025

Kakao Games' first financial report covering 2024 is out today, and perhaps not surprisingly, Q1 wasn't particularly great or garbage for the Korean gaming...

Chrono Odyssey pitches its time travel format, announces that it’s coming to the Epic Store

In case you haven't devoured every GDC panel from the recent trade show, Chrono Studios popped up during the State of Unreal presentation to...
Cool, I guess.

Betawatch: Chrono Odyssey gets a publisher but no dates

Good news, Chrono Odyssey fans! Or... well, speculative fans. There's not a game yet to be a fan of; there's just a promise that...

Chrono Odyssey debuts a splashy new in-engine trailer and confirms Kakao Games as publisher

It's been a long time since we've heard any major announcements out of Chrono Odyssey, the developing open world fantasy MMORPG from Npixel that...

Chrono Odyssey continues to be in a holding pattern of teases and secrecy

One of the most intriguing cross-platform MMORPGs heading our way is Chrono Odyssey, an Unreal Engine 5 game from South Korea that vows to...

Chrono Odyssey continues to drip-feed details of its classes, creatures, and mechanics

Npixel's upcoming MMORPG Chrono Odyssey continues its "hurry up and wait" stance in terms of information details, with its biggest info drop coming via...

Chrono Odyssey demonstrates the lethality of its time stop ability

With the trailer reveal and a broad description of Npixel's upcoming Chrono Odyssey, we're still evaluating what kind of MMORPG this is going to...

South Korean UE5 MMORPG Chrono Odyssey drops brand-new trailer and crossplatform plans

The teasers didn't lie: Chrono Odyssey is happening. South Korean studio Npixel confirmed the long-awaited MMORPG is really truly en route in its announcement...

The MOP Up: Chrono Odyssey preps gameplay video, plans global release

Expect to start hearing more buzz about South Korean next-gen MMO Chrono Odyssey now that it's ramping up hype and info. Its studio told...

Npixel reveals stunning ‘space-time’ MMORPG Chrono Odyssey

If you like Gran Saga but want something a bit less cartoony, you're going to want to feast your eyes on the second MMO...