Chrono Odyssey pitches its time travel format, announces that it’s coming to the Epic Store


In case you haven’t devoured every GDC panel from the recent trade show, Chrono Studios popped up during the State of Unreal presentation to give a five-minute update about the development of its “flagship” MMO, Chrono Odyssey.

Not only is this a great overview of the project, but the presentation has many clips that show off the combat, highly flexible character creator, and time travel mechanic that creates different versions of the same landscapes. The studio finishes up with a brand-new trailer.

The open-world action MMO has been in the making since 2021 by over 120 developers. Chrono Odyssey will be published by Kakao Games on both PC and consoles, including the newly announced destination of the Epic Games Store. Currently there is no launch window.

Source: YouTube
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