Blizzard is massively revamping Diablo IV’s itemization systems


If you had two hours to spare last night, then hopefully you spent it on something more fun than watching video game streams, but if you’re a Diablo fan, then there’s a good chance you spent it watching Blizzard’s huge Diablo IV Campfire Chat.

The game’s subreddit is already calling it a “massive win” for the game, though it did so by bashing casual “96yo dads with 136 children,” so I’m not inclined to link, but the itemization proposal is what has everyone excited. Blizzard is planning on reducing drops and boosting quality, yanking crap affixes, allowing trade of legendary and uniques, and focusing on crafting (called tempering) and customization (through masterworking and the Codex of Power).

The team also promised “meaningful” updates for every class, less cheasing in hardcore, improved camera zoom, and big changes for endgame, including higher mob density in Helltides. PvP isn’t destined for new content, unfortunately.

Do note that the PTR for the next test will be open from April 2nd to 9th with boosted toons; expect patch notes next week.

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