Team vs. team hero FPS Gundam Evolution has unfortunately sunsetted

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Fans of the team vs. team hero shooter Gundam Evolution already knew that the game’s closure was coming, but it doesn’t make it any less hard. As of November 29th, the game entered its sunset as scheduled.

The closure of the game was without much fanfare, though Bandai Namco simply wrote on the day of the game going dark that it is “incredibly thankful for all the pilots who joined us on this journey, sharing their skill, teamwork, and love of Gundam.”

As we noted before, the game’s decline was almost immediate in terms of player numbers and general reception, with most claiming the studio was too lax on advertising the game and far too eager to monetize it first, while problems with balance were a frequent complaint.

Reactions to the closure on Twitter and in Steam reviews continue to echo the sentiment, though there are also bittersweet farewells sprinkled throughout. “It wasn’t a perfect game by any means. But every battle, every game was absolutely fun,” reads one such goodbye. “Till the day we can be graced with something like it again.”

sources: Twitter via MMO Fallout, Steam
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