Blue Protocol JP unveils the Beat Performer class headed for the MMO April 24


It’s part bard, part hard rock guitarist, and an all-new class for the Japanese version of Blue Protocol. It’s the Beat Performer, the headline act of the anime MMO’s April 24th update.

Like some other MMO bards, the Beat Performer is a long-range magic caster that’s mostly described as a support class with only a few attack skills, while its abilities are either engaged through a deployable amp that extends the range of abilities, by dropping an AoE ring, or through certain combos. The amp looks to be an important part of the class’ kit, as using skills on it builds a “heat gauge” that increases the effect of abilities when it fills up.

More information and some in-game demonstration of the Beat Performer will be a highlight of Bandai Namco’s next livestream on April 16th, while BP is preparing for the class’ arrival with login rewards and extra loot for completing certain missions. The Beat Performer can otherwise be seen rockin’ out in the video below.

source: official site (1, 2)
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