Perfect Ten: 10 great tropical areas to visit in MMOs


Probably a lot of us aren’t getting that fantastic summer beach vacation that we had hoped to get this year. But instead of getting bummed out by that, why not visit a tropical resort or two in MMORPGs?

Tropical zones are among my favorite zones in MMOs because they’re so peaceful and serene, even if you’re fighting for your life among them. Remember that great beach battle scene from Rogue One? That’s what I’m talking about right there: palm trees, azure waters, soft sand (but not as soft as your skin), and giant AT-ATs raining down death from on high.

I think I might have gone off on a tangent there, but you get the gist of what I’m saying. Today, let’s take a trip around some of the genre’s great beachfront and tropical regions!

Costa del Sol, Final Fantasy XIV

Yes, so, obviously this one had to not only be on the list but head up the list. It’s like the most famous tropical locale in all of MMOdom (modem?), all the more so because it’s this sprawling resort that’s just a few feet away from all sorts of monsters that want to eat your skin. But still, wowee, those views! I could totally sit on one of those beach chairs and soak up the sun for days on end here.

Booty Bay, World of Warcraft

Booty Bay may not really have much of a beach, but it’s a quintessential addition to this list if you like your areas tropical and pirate-filled. It’s like a not-so-secret town full of rogues and buccaneers, even if the whole place looks like it’s one hard rainfall away from being swept right into the sea. I think it was during Cataclysm, wasn’t it?

Everywhere, Sea of Thieves

Chris nominated this one for the list, even if it’s a slight bit of a cheat. I agree with him because pretty much anywhere you go in this game, you’re going to get treated to fantastic island views and gorgeous rolling waves. It’s the Caribbean that we always wanted in our heads, just with more murder.

Southern Kryta, Guild Wars

As much as everyone pines for the great days of pre-Searing Ascalon in the original Guild Wars, it wasn’t like the game was left with nothing but charred (get it?) landscape afterwards. In fact, some of the locations could be really gorgeous, such as the tropics of southern Kryta. It’s just too bad that everyone was more concerned with warring than throwing a beach blanket bonanza and working out issues with a round of volleyball.

Bloodtide Coast, Guild Wars 2

Wrapped around a bay, Bloodtide Coast is a perfect sample platter of tropical goodness. You’ve got eye-catching beachfronts, dense jungle foliage, ships sailing by, and lots of places to go diving into crystal clear waters. I mean, there are sharks and even more pirates than Sea of Thieves — how is that possible? — but I’d still take the family.

Stros M’Kai, Elder Scrolls Online

If you ever find yourself down in the Hammerfall region, you might want to take a vaction to Stros M’Kai. This small island boasts a stark beauty that blends the topics in with desert elements. It’s got plenty of palm-shaded coves and beaches to enjoy — just don’t step on one of the cacti.

Rishi, Star Wars: The Old Republic

The old joke of Star Wars only having single-biome planets plays out with Rishi, a tropical planet that channels the spirit of the Caribbean during the Age of Sail. And by that, I mean “It’s got a ton of pirates and smugglers hiding treasures and getting tans.” It’s certainly a gorgeous locale to enjoy, in any case!


Risa, Star Trek Online

And not to be outdone by Rishi, Star Trek Online features the entire universe’s only vacation destination — the planet of Risa. Forget Florida or the Bahamas; Risa is every topical vacation postcard rolled into one. Clear skies and even clearer waters await, but the real fun is in the jetpacking!

The Lost Isles, Trove

Pirates and sharks riddle this ocean-dominated biome, but Trove’s Lost Isles has a simplistic beauty that makes it appealing even so. It’s the perfect area to take your boat on an expedition to see the different islands and enjoy the flora and fauna.

Coralus, WildStar

So I’ll leave you with a piece of interesting trivia today. WildStar actually did have a beach/tropical zone in development called Coralus that never was released on the live servers. However, it had enough development and chatter that its existence became known to many fans, and to this day, players are adamant that this would’ve been a great addition to the game.

Everyone likes a good list, and we are no different! Perfect Ten takes an MMO topic and divvies it up into 10 delicious, entertaining, and often informative segments for your snacking pleasure. Got a good idea for a list? Email us at or with the subject line “Perfect Ten.”
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