EVE Echoes approaches 20K reviews, drops patch, and adds notifications to your watch


So how is EVE Echoes doing out in the wild? It’s hard to know hard numbers from CCP and Netease, but since its launch last week, the game’s seen almost 17,000 reviews on Android and over a thousand more on iOS, along with a tidy boom in Reddit participation. The reviews seem relatively fair so far, balancing a solid launch, faithfulness to the EVE Online experience, and visuals with grumping for the menu navigation, learning curve, and business model.

The game’s subreddit is a pretty fun place right now, as EVE corps are busy recruiting, complaining about Chinese censorship, and finagling game notifications onto their smartwatches. You know, the usual.

The devs took the servers down this morning for a maintenance patch, tweaking inventory effects, optimization, and mission items, along with a slew of other bug fixes. And earlier this week, CCP released a “making of” video for the game; you can watch that down below.

Source: Patch notes
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