Blue Protocol’s Japanese launch is beset by delays, login issues, and cash shop problems

Plue Brotocol.

Today marked the official Japanese launch of Bandai-Namco’s MMORPG Blue Protocol, and as is very frequently the case for these occasions, the launch was off to a bumpy start thanks to technical issues because MMORPG launches are like wrestling a bear made of wasps that hate you specifically.

The issues started for the studio early, when the official opening of the servers had to be delayed as a result of a late-hour error that required some time to address. Following that, the Bandai-Namco ID feature that handles logins for the game started having issues, forcing a multi-hour maintenance period to fix the problem.

Later, BP devs battled with an issue related to its cash shop, as certain payment methods were not being processed correctly. This forced another emergency maintenance on the title, which just recently wrapped up, though the announcement of that maintenance’s completion also warns about daily quests not issuing a specific reward until sometime later. For now, we thank Japanese players for their service in beta testing the game for western players who are stuck waiting until next year to hop in; we’re sure they’ll have a good smile at our own miseries once Amazon pushes the big green “go” button.

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