Mortal Online 2 prepares to test territory control tweaks and new elementalism spells on July 13

We're so bleeping dark.

A second public test realm is opening up for Mortal Online 2, and if you’re the kind of player who wants to keep trying out territory control mechanics or fling weather as a weapon, then you’ll want to hop in on Thursday, July 13th, when the PTR opens up with those features for three days.

The so-called “PTR2” is going to introduce several updates to siege tents, alert towers, structure placement, and various other siege and territory mechanics, and will also introduce two new elementalism spells for players to try out, which can be accessed from a special vendor in the test build. Star Vault is additionally asking players who take part in this test round to record and submit their footage for use in a territory control release trailer.

In other MO2 news, a summary of the most recent livestream thanks players for taking part in the first territory control test and explains what caused the game’s servers to crumble to pieces last week. That full livestream can be watched below.

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