DC Universe Online reruns a summer celebration, hands out Pride cosmetics, and boosts artifact XP


There are multiple events happening in the latest update to DC Universe Online that are casting a pretty wide net of interest, so if you’re celebrating summer, celebrating Pride Month, or looking for more artifact XP, this update should have you covered.

Headlining the patch is the return of Tides of War summer event, which will once more have players fighting Ocean Master and his mutineer Atlanteans, while new rewards await like new feats, chromas, and summertime beachwear and base items. In addition, feats overall have been reorganized to make hunting them easier, and a new feat hotkey has been created to more easily open the feats menu.

This patch is also giving out a plethora of colorful cosmetics to players for Pride Month once again, including rainbow-colored costumes and the entire selection of Pride flags for player bases. Finally, there’s some artifact-focused events online, such as double artifact XP between now and June 7th and multiple gifts handed out for engaging with the Eye of Gemini artifact.

source: official site (1, 2)
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