PlanetSide 2 lowers price of Pride decals and applies fixes to the NSO repair drone for PC players

This is wholly appropriate

We haven’t entered Pride month yet – that’s in June – but PlanetSide 2 players who wish to share pride in or support of the LGBT+ community regardless were always able to do so with the Full Spectrum banner and the Full Spectrum armor decal. As of the latest PC patch, those two cosmetics can be purchased for a song, as both items can now be purchased for 1 Cert or 1 DBC.

Additionally, the gender change token will also remain priced at 1 Cert or 1 DBC “for the foreseeable future,” while a bug associated with the Full Spectrum decal has also been fixed.

The patch has otherwise applied a couple of fixes to the NSO repair drone that were preventing it from repairing destroyed facility objects or items that were slightly below the terrain, while other fixes in general address problems with a VS shotgun, text, icons, and the behavior of the reload key when charging up a weapon.

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