Dauntless patches in its Springtide celebration, a new weapon event, and bug fixes


Who’s ready to protect some bunnies and go after some new golden claws? Players of Dauntless should be when the game’s new patch goes live, which will once again introduce the Springtide seasonal event as well as bring a new weapon quest and some bug fixes.

Readers might remember in the game’s earlier roadmap post that Springtide will once more feature returning activities involving protecting pufflehops from ravenous wolves as well as a new signature mission. The event itself will be online between April 6th and April 20th.

The other marquee attraction for the new patch is a new weapon event for a new piece of kit known as the Golden Claws, which will likely involve crafting a new set of aetherstrikers in a mission series similar to the silver sword quest added during the holidays. The patch also promises some bug fixes for the game, all of which will be detailed in some upcoming patch notes.

source: Twitter
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