Official Site: Dauntless
Studio: Phoenix Labs
Genre: Multiplayer Online
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

The Stream Team: Frostfall festivities, behemoth battles, and snowball fights in Dauntless

There are still a few days left in the winter season of Frostall in Dauntless, which means MOP's critter crusher Chris still has time...

Dauntless gets seasonal with the return of Frostfall, reworks the frigid Embermane variant, and adds a new cell perk

The winter season has once again come to the world of Dauntless, and while there are hunting grounds that are already coated in snow,...

Dauntless adjusts its currencies with an eye toward simplifying and reducing currency types

While Dauntless' recent update did some big things like add a new monster to hunt and adjust one of its weapons, it also did...

The Stream Team: Slicing up the Sahvyt with the refreshed chain blades in Dauntless

Those wacky Ostians are back at it again! Shortly after making the robotic owlbear foe that is the Phaelanx, they've apparently unleashed some sort...

Dauntless reworks the chain blades, adds a new Behemoth, and arrives to PS5 and Xbox X/S today

Today not only marks a new release for Dauntless but also a release on new hardware. Slayers can look forward to the Call to...

The Stream Team: A Ramsgiving feast in Dauntless

It's time once again for MOP's Chris to hop in to the world of the Shattered Isles for that most traditional of holidays: Ramsgiving!...

Dauntless launches the Ramsgiving seasonal holiday and a rampaging pig island event

At the beginning of November, the devs of Dauntless noted that two events would be landing today: the return of the Ramsgiving seasonal holiday...

Dauntless brings the Ramsgiving seasonal event and an island event featuring angry pigs on November 23

With all of the deadly creatures roaming the world of Dauntless, few are as devastating and powerful as the ram and the gruk-gruk, which...

Dauntless releases the Bloodshot Shrowd and a new omnicell in latest Halloween-flavored patch

Last week, Dauntless put out a Halloween-centric update that, among other things, added a new fight against a brazier-powered Shrowd, a fight that we...
You got boring real fast.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 344: Elyon’s infinite silence

Justin and Colin discuss Elyon's launch, Guild Wars 2's elite specs, Fallen Earth, World of Warcraft 9.1.5, and Legends of Aria, with adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, GW2, and LOTRO, plus mailbag topics on cinematic trailers, MMO hype, and weapons we miss from dead MMOs.

The Stream Team: Celebrating the Dark Harvest by beating up the Shrowd in Dauntless

That big spooky bird beastie is at it again. Dauntless' Shrowd Behemoth is stirring up trouble as part of the game's Halloween-themed Dark Harvest,...

Dauntless’ Dark Harvest Halloween event brings cosmetics, contests, and a souped-up Shrowd

The Unseen are at it again in the world of Dauntless as the game's Halloween-themed Dark Harvest event is back for another year. Just...

Dauntless starts its Halloween event, launches a new hunt pass, and adds XP banking for max level weapons

The Dark Harvest looms overhead in Dauntless. As in it's nearly arriving to the multiplayer monster slaying RPG as part of the game's latest...

Dauntless shares the creation of its latest behemoth, the Phaelanx

A bizarre combination of industrial and natural, the Phaelanx entered a unique position in Dauntless' ecosystem this week. The game's latest behemoth has players...

The Stream Team: Fixing to find a fight with the Phaelanx in Dauntless

You'd think that the denizens of Dauntless would have enough problems with Behemoths that are actually alive, but nope, the Ostians apparently thought that...

Dauntless’ latest patch unleashes a giant robotic owlbear known as the Phaelanx

So what if the Shrike were made less fluffy and more robotic and full of eye lasers? That appears to be the gist of...

The Stream Team: Reloading the repeaters for a dive into Dauntless

The most recent update to Dauntless brought on a few new things to the game, but one of the bigger additions is a change...

Dauntless adds a new Hunting Ground, new Hunt Pass, and refreshed repeaters in today’s update

As a long time Dauntless player, one of the game's most underwhelming weapons has been the ranged repeaters; shooting monsters with a pair of...

Dauntless adds in a random Escalation queue, new hairstyles, and a free hunt pass in latest update

Let's say you're firing up Dauntless and you want to jump into an Escalation, but you're not really sure which one you want to...

The Stream Team: Tackling the Thunderdeep Drask and more in Dauntless

MOP's Chris is back once again in the world of Dauntless to take on some fresh foes. This time around, there's a Thunderdeep Drask...