Official Site: Dauntless
Studio: Phoenix Labs
Genre: Multiplayer Online
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Dauntless details buff simplification, says Hunting Grounds will stay after all

The monthly dev blogs about Dauntless' planned summer 2024 overhaul to the multiplayer hunting RPG's mechanics continue, as October's blog talks all about changes...

The MOP Up: It’s the great Albion, Charlie Brown!

Albion Online is getting into the spirit of Halloween with its Harvest Challenge: "Fall has come to the world of Albion... the shadows are...

Dauntless details 2024’s return of targeted pursuit hunts and its in-development features

When we interviewed Dauntless product manager Jordan Power last week, one of the questions we asked was about whether targeted behemoth hunts would be...

Interview: How Dauntless’ weapon revamp will affect development and gameplay

Last month, Dauntless announced a far-reaching change to weapons, with individual weapons becoming more distinct, a new swapping mechanic that lets players switch between...

Dauntless and Fae Farm dev Phoenix Labs are losing more top execs, this time the CEO and COO

Phoenix Labs' 2023 troubles aren't getting any easier: Both its CEO and COO have apparently just stepped down from those positions. As we've been chronicling,...

Dauntless outlines plans for weapon overhauls and a weapon swapping feature coming next summer

If you've been following along with the news out of the multiplayer critter hunting RPG Dauntless, you'll know that things haven't been particularly happy...

The Perfect Ten: 10 MMOs and online worlds with super cozy vibes

In this age of increased anxiety and friction, there's a natural desire to retreat into safe spaces. And yet not all of us have...

Dauntless’ latest patch adds weapon trackers for headbutting rams and petting dogs, runs afoul of PS4 players

Have you ever wondered how many times you've petted the dogs or butted heads with the rams of Dauntless? Well wonder no more because...

Dauntless’ latest content patch brings another Gauntlet season, new cells, and recycled battle passes once again

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This Dauntless content news post isn't a copy-paste of the last four stories; it's just bringing the...

Dauntless’ latest meager patch notes cause players to assume the worst

MMOs and multiplayer games getting small patches isn't anything new, and is indeed often a necessary part of running a live title, but the...

Dauntless celebrates its fourth anniversary with a returning quest, double XP, and bonus bounties

Despite the woes befalling developer Phoenix Labs of late, the fourth anniversary of the multiplayer RPG Dauntless has arrived, as this year's annual event...

Dauntless kicks off its fourth Gauntlet season with new cells and cycled battle passes

If your idea of a good time in Dauntless is playing the game's Gauntlet season, then you're in luck: The newest patch to the...

Dauntless and Fae Farm studio Phoenix Labs hit with layoffs, restructuring following investor buyout

Last week, we learned the disturbing news that Dauntless and Fae Farm studio Phoenix Labs has been hit with what our sources tell us...

Multiplayer cozy game Fae Farm has been delayed from spring 2023 to late 2023

Dauntless studio Phoenix Labs first announced upcoming cozy multiplayer title Fae Farm last fall, with a launch window on the Nintendo Switch of spring...

Dauntless patches in its Springtide celebration, a new weapon event, and bug fixes

Who's ready to protect some bunnies and go after some new golden claws? Players of Dauntless should be when the game's new patch goes...

The MOP Up: Open-world tactical RPG Wartales releases next month

Looking to wage medieval war in a different format? You'll soon get your chance with Wartales, an open-world tactical RPG that's fully luanching on...

The Stream Team: Returning to retired weapons in Dauntless

When it comes to weapons in Dauntless, you have a few options, but inevitably you'll fall into a routine with one or two favorite...

Dauntless begins Gauntlet Season 3, raises banked weapon XP, and reruns the Silver Sword quest

Regular followers of our Dauntless coverage were already familiar with several of the multiplayer RPG's upcoming features, but now Slayers can actually experience many...

Dauntless shares plans for more XP banking, early Springtide details, and the Silver Sword quest’s return

The devs of monster slaying multiplayer RPG Dauntless are hard at work on a variety of updates coming down the pike, which were shared...
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The MOP Up: New World brings a couple together in the name of love and conquest

A couple that met and fell in love while playing New World was invited by Amazon to share some tips about how to engage...