Official Site: Dauntless
Studio: Phoenix Labs
Genre: Multiplayer Online
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Dauntless begins Gauntlet Season 3, raises banked weapon XP, and reruns the Silver Sword quest

Regular followers of our Dauntless coverage were already familiar with several of the multiplayer RPG's upcoming features, but now Slayers can actually experience many...

Dauntless shares plans for more XP banking, early Springtide details, and the Silver Sword quest’s return

The devs of monster slaying multiplayer RPG Dauntless are hard at work on a variety of updates coming down the pike, which were shared...
Nothing to give.

The MOP Up: New World brings a couple together in the name of love and conquest

A couple that met and fell in love while playing New World was invited by Amazon to share some tips about how to engage...

Dauntless heralds today’s NPC-loving Saint’s Bond Valentine’s event with a new trailer

Things are getting all lovey-dovey in Dauntless as the game's Saint's Bond event brings all sorts of Valentine's Day-themed sweetness today, February 9th. While...

Dauntless and Fae Farm studio Phoenix Labs just bought itself out

Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs is making another huge move this week, as it's apparently secured investment that will allow its management to buy it...

Dauntless will let players form bonds with Ramsgate NPCs during this year’s Saint’s Bond Valentine’s event

Do you fawn over Lady Luck? Do you dote on Dr. Priyani? Are you a Moyra stan? Then your unrequited love for these Dauntless...

The Stream Team: Going out for some basic Behemoth hunts in Dauntless

Sometimes, a hunter's gotta hunt, and that's just what MOP's Chris is going to do! Normally he fires up Dauntless to check out a...

Dauntless launches Gauntlet Season 2, adds new cells, and cycles battle pass and cache items

The endless time attack mode of Gauntlet that Dauntless launched last month has moved forward to Season 2 this week, bringing on several new...

Dauntless outlines plans for another round of XP, token, and returning seasonal events in latest roadmap

The Twitter account for Dauntless has once again put forth a small roadmap for the next couple of months, providing a quick bird's eye...

The Stream Team: Seeking to forge a silver sword for the holidays in Dauntless

Yes, crafting a deadly weapon isn't normally in keeping with the holiday spirit, but life in Dauntless is harsh and some sturdy arms can...

Dauntless’ Frostfall holiday event brings back classic activities and lets players craft a special sword

While tying the forging of a sword and Christmas together might seem a bit weird, it does make a measure of sense in the...

Dauntless launches its endless Gauntlet mode and more new story in today’s patch

While the number of fights in Dauntless might already seem endless by default, there is a new mode that's arriving in today's update that...

‘Cozy co-op farm sim’ Fae Farm lists a spring 2023 launch window on Nintendo Switch site and social media

This past September we were all invited to the "magical and cozy co-op farm sim" Fae Farm, a new game from Dauntless developer Phoenix...

Dauntless has kicked off the season of Ramsgiving with returning and new ram-based rewards

While the recent update from Dauntless added the seasonal Ramsgiving event, it was simply baked in to the patch; the event itself didn't kick...

Dauntless’ new update sets the table for Ramsgiving, adds more quests and bonus events

The Shattered Isles of Dauntless are preparing for the next big holiday event, giving thanks to one of the most important of things in...

Dauntless offers new details on quests, Ramsgiving, and the gauntlet game mode in roadmap update

With just two months left in 2022, the path ahead for Dauntless is starting to come into clearer view thanks to an updated development...

Dauntless’ Dark Harvest event returns along with a new island adventure in latest patch

The spooky season has descended upon the Shattered Isles of Dauntless once again. The annual Dark Harvest Halloween event is back, offering players of...

Dauntless begins the final chapter of Dire Discovery and its first series of bonus events

If you've been following along with the Dire Discovery quest line that's played out in Dauntless over the last few months, you're about to...

Dauntless’ roadmap teases community-built Behemoth, new game mode, and mini-events

There are not too many months remaining in 2022, but just because time is running out on the year doesn't mean that players of...

Fae Farm is a ‘magical and cozy co-op farm sim’ coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Most of our readers know Phoenix Labs as the dev studio behind the multiplayer co-op monster slayer Dauntless, but the studio's newly announced game...