Official Site: Dauntless
Studio: Phoenix Labs
Genre: Multiplayer Online
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

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Dauntless responds to feedback from the Reforged update, outlines some planned adjustments

When I previewed the Reforged update of Dauntless, one of my first impressions was that we're not going to really know how effective the...

Dauntless shares patch notes for its Reforged update as Phoenix Labs expands its operations

Today is the day where Dauntless gets Reforged. The much-ballyhooed update that shifts a number of the multiplayer RPG's base systems -- particularly how...

Preview: Dauntless’ Reforged update brings new gameplay, new potential, and unanswered questions

As we’ve been covering over the past few weeks, Dauntless is going to be shaking up the basic way to play and progress with...

Dauntless posts an in-depth dev blog about the Slayer’s Path progression system and gear reforging

Dauntless is changing how the game is played wholesale with its Reforged update, replacing Pursuits and Patrols with the Hunting Grounds and adjusting how...

Dauntless discusses Hunting Grounds playtests and migrating character progress with Reforged update

Dauntless has taken to calling its upcoming update Reforged, as it will change the way characters progress and replace Patrols and Pursuits with the...

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Phoenix Labs CEO announces future update plans and next-gen console launch for Dauntless

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Choose My Adventure: Counting the ways I love Dauntless

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Dauntless teases gliders, Halloween, new islands, and a frosty new Behemoth in its roadmap

While most folks playing Dauntless are likely focused on farming the latest horrifying tree beast, the devs at Phoenix Labs are working on a...

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First impressions: Hands-on with Dauntless’ new Mission hunts and the Terra Escalation

There's another big content update on the way to Dauntless on September 17th, and this one has a few new poisonous tricks up its...

Dauntless will make hunting with friends literally more rewarding with Slayer Links

It's entirely possible to play Dauntless solo, but the game is leagues better with friends around, and though most teams can be formed by...

First impressions of Dauntless’ new sword and revamped Ramsgate, live today

The old Ramsgate is dead and gone. Destroyed by some sort of cataclysmic event, and with only the mysterious orb from the Umbral Deeps...

Dauntless takes a look at the creation of the Thrax Behemoth

It's purple. It's wiggly. It likes to laugh at you when you're in the fight. It's Thrax, the capstone Behemoth that was added in...

Dauntless trims console file sizes, promises revelations in the Umbral Deeps, sells a real-life Nayzaga coat

Dauntless has been pretty active on the news front lately, so allow me, the person on the staff who plays the snot out of...