Official Site: Dauntless
Studio: Phoenix Labs
Genre: Multiplayer Online
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Dauntless has kicked off the season of Ramsgiving with returning and new ram-based rewards

While the recent update from Dauntless added the seasonal Ramsgiving event, it was simply baked in to the patch; the event itself didn't kick...

Dauntless’ new update sets the table for Ramsgiving, adds more quests and bonus events

The Shattered Isles of Dauntless are preparing for the next big holiday event, giving thanks to one of the most important of things in...

Dauntless offers new details on quests, Ramsgiving, and the gauntlet game mode in roadmap update

With just two months left in 2022, the path ahead for Dauntless is starting to come into clearer view thanks to an updated development...

Dauntless’ Dark Harvest event returns along with a new island adventure in latest patch

The spooky season has descended upon the Shattered Isles of Dauntless once again. The annual Dark Harvest Halloween event is back, offering players of...

Dauntless begins the final chapter of Dire Discovery and its first series of bonus events

If you've been following along with the Dire Discovery quest line that's played out in Dauntless over the last few months, you're about to...

Dauntless’ roadmap teases community-built Behemoth, new game mode, and mini-events

There are not too many months remaining in 2022, but just because time is running out on the year doesn't mean that players of...

Fae Farm is a ‘magical and cozy co-op farm sim’ coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Most of our readers know Phoenix Labs as the dev studio behind the multiplayer co-op monster slayer Dauntless, but the studio's newly announced game...

Dauntless revamps the Sporestruck Embermane, adds new quests and new perk in latest update

Sure, fighting the Sporestruck Embermane in Dauntless was a good time, but things in the Shattered Isles change and monsters evolve. That's precisely what...

The MOP Up: Witness the creation of a Dauntless behemoth

Dauntless shared a neat video of a collaboration between its players and artists: "Back in April, many of you joined us for a community...

Dauntless introduces a new quest type to ease the weapon experience grinding curve

Toeing the line between comfortable grind and oppressive grind is a hard thing to do, which in turn requires adjustments to be made. Such...

The Stream Team: Examining the recently updated Trials mode of Dauntless

Last week the Trials mode of Dauntless got an update, reducing its randomness and refocusing on the monster fight itself according to the game's...
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World of Warcraft and Diablo III developer Travis Day passes away at 41

It's a sad week at Blizzard Entertainment and Phoenix Labs as both studios mourn the loss of one of its long-time developers. The news...

Dauntless’ next patch will reduce trials randomness, add a new quest, and streamline rumor objectives

Tomorrow, August 11th, is bringing another patch to Dauntless that's primarily all about refinement - specifically for the way trials content works and how...

Dauntless releases its final legendary lantern amp, applies some smaller fixes to monsters and quests

The Radiant Escalation mode in Dauntless has steadily seen the addition of legendary lantern amps - unique powers that can be selected while moving...

The Stream Team: Fighting Dauntless’ ambulatory crystal mountain monster

There's yet another new beast to beat down in Dauntless, and MOP's resident hunter Chris is ready to step up to the plate. This...

Dauntless adds a new Behemoth variant, new hunt passes, and more legendary lantern amps

Have you ever wanted to fight an ambulatory crystalline mountain? Want to? Now you can in the latest patch of Dauntless, which has the...

Dauntless launches the heroic variant of its Radiant Escalation and adds more legendary lantern amps

If you've been carving your way through Dauntless' recently added Radiant Escalation and you're looking for a bigger challenge, then your ship has arrived...

The MOP Up: Elder Scrolls Online answers High Isle lore queries

The release of Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle this month brought a whole lot of additional story and lore into the game -- and...

Dauntless patches in new amps for its Radiant Escalation and makes a balance pass on Behemoths

If you've been playing a lot of the new Radiant Escalation added in Dauntless' Return to Light update, expect to see a lot more...

Dauntless adds a new beast, new Radiant Escalation, and new items in Return to Light

Dauntless' reported 30 million players have some new things to do with the launch of the Return to Light update this week, particularly if...