Official Site: Dauntless
Studio: Phoenix Labs
Genre: Multiplayer Online
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

The Stream Team: Tackling the Thunderdeep Drask and more in Dauntless

MOP's Chris is back once again in the world of Dauntless to take on some fresh foes. This time around, there's a Thunderdeep Drask...

Dauntless brings back the Thunderdeep Drask, adds new rumors, and hints at the next new Behemoth

It's a bit of the new and a bit of the upcoming in Dauntless news today. In terms of new things, the game has...

Perfect Ten: The 10 most huggable boss monsters in multiplayer online hunting RPGs

Have you ever fought a boss monster that didn't feel like it deserved your fatal blows? Sure, it's just a video game, and the...

Dauntless introduces Omnicells, the Heroic Escalation, and new battle pass in today’s Heroes of Ostia update

Today marks the official launch of the latest Dauntless update, which is bringing with it a couple of new tools to let Slayers customize...

The Stream Team: Continually crashing into the Chronovore in Dauntless

It's been a while since MOP's resident monster slayer has been live with some Dauntless gameplay, but this time Chris is on a mission:...

Dauntless’ roadmap updates include a Repeater refresh, the Omnicell sub-class system, and shock changes

Players of Dauntless have likely been busying themselves with hunting the Chronovore or chasing after Exotics, but it never hurts to look at what's...

Dauntless adds Timeweave Armor, opens a new island variant, and brings back earnable Exotic gear

As a Dauntless player, I can tell you how awesome owning Exotics like the Godhand, the Twin Suns, the Hunger, and Tragic Echo can...

Dauntless talks about the intended purpose of and lessons learned from Elder and Primal Behemoths

There are plenty of monsters to slay in Dauntless, but variety is the spice of life, especially for veteran players that have learned every...

Hands-on with Dauntless’ creative and punishing Behemoth and Hunting Grounds location

It's been a very long time since Dauntless has had a new radiant-aspected monster to slay. For the longest time, the element was tied...

Dauntless adds new radiant monster, opens a new location, and celebrates its ‘Slayerversary’ on May 20

If you've been following along with the Twitter account of Dauntless, you know that the previews and teasers have been churning out quite a...

The MOP Up: Why did Fortnite go dark for a day?

Earlier this month, the ever-popular Fortnite went dark for the better part of April 6th. So what happened? We finally have the full scoop...

Massively Overthinking: How much are you spending on MMOs every month right now?

A while back, MOP's Justin joked that his wife, who loves econ PvP in MMOs, was funding a year of his play on Classic...

Dauntless introduces a new cell and adjusts the reward cache in latest update

When Dauntless put out its last update, it adjusted the way wounding works (and arguably made the war pike weapon that inflicts wounds extremely...

Massively Overthinking: The 2021 MMORPG outlook is good, actually

Early this week, I saw a mainstream gaming headline in my feeds about how we should all just give up on 2021 since it's...

Dauntless adds a reward cache, Primal Behemoths, reworks to war pike mechanics, and trials goals

The multiplayer monster slaying RPG Dauntless has had a pretty sizeable update that applies adjustments to a variety of the game's systems, whether it's...

Dauntless normalizes Trials power, adds hunt level requirements, and brings back Springtide in latest update

You know how you can tell you mean serious business when hunting in Dauntless? When you sport a pair of bunny-faced repeaters in battle....

Dauntless outlines plans to make Trials ‘more accessible, more fair, more fun’ in the next two patches

For a while now, the developers of Dauntless have been promising that Trials mode would be getting some attention, and it looks like the...

Massively Overthinking: Are MMO social hubs overrated?

MMO reader Random recently winged us an article from Kotaku arguing for the abolishment of pointless social hubs in video games. "Here’s a radical...
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Global Chat: RIFT’s melancholy birthday

Any MMO's 10th anniversary is a significant milestone and a reason for celebration, but for RIFT's birthday, this year is more like a funeral...

Dauntless introduces private Hunting Grounds and addresses performance issues in latest patch

In terms of content, the most recent patch to Dauntless doesn't add much, but what it does add is still pretty important on the...