Dauntless offers new details on quests, Ramsgiving, and the gauntlet game mode in roadmap update


With just two months left in 2022, the path ahead for Dauntless is starting to come into clearer view thanks to an updated development roadmap being highlighted by Phoenix Labs, which offers some new details on features planned for November and December.

These updates come in the form of the game’s Trello board and a launch timeline image, both of which work in tandem to fill in some blanks. November’s big-ticket feature will be the Ramsgiving seasonal event, which promises new missions, quests, and limited-time rewards between November 17th and December 1st, while two new mini-events that grant double weapon XP from behemoth kills and additional Rams from high-level part collection will run between November 11th and 13th.

Moving into December, we see the launch of the “endless mode” that Dauntless has been talking up, which now has been officially named gauntlet and will award unique weapon trackers. December will also bring multiple new cells, new main story quests tied to the gauntlet game mode, and another pair of mini-events that hand out more weapon XP and hunt pass XP.

sources: Twitter, Trello
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