Dual Universe teases big ‘monthiversary’ announcement, hosts creepy construct contest


It’s been about a month since the sci-fi voxelbox Dual Universe walked out of beta, which apparently is reason enough for developer Novaquark to mark the occasion with a special livestream for the “monthiversary.”

This livestream promises “exciting news” for the game, as well as some information about what direction the sandbox is going next and a look at some player constructs from the past beta. Details about this special broadcast will presumably be announced sometime soon. Incidentally, DU’s first month hasn’t been a barnburner in terms of Steam numbers, though the game seems to have found a small but dedicated playerbase.

Speaking of constructs, players are being invited to join in on a creepy construct contest for a special title or a month of subscription time. Finally, DU’s latest release primarily fixes a few bugs and limits Quanta transfer for the first three hours of an account’s life.

Our streamer MJ has been peeking in on this one for quite some time, with her most recent stroll through the game also being about player-made constructs. That can be seen just after the cut.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3), Steam Charts
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