Nightingale explains how realm cards give players agency over procedurally generated worlds


Inflexion’s upcoming Nightingale isn’t going to be your typical survival sandbox — and we’re not merely saying that for the Victorian steampunk theming. The game promises several unique mechanics, one of the most significant are realm cards.

In a new video, Inflexion’s developers explain how realm cards offer players “agency” over the otherwise unpredictable creation of procedurally generated worlds. Players can craft realm cards and use them at portals to modify the world beyond.

Realm cards are divided up into biome, major, and minor cards that will be used to customize worlds. One example that the devs gave was using a “hunt” card to trigger more numerous and dangerous monsters to track down in that realm. Basically, these cards allow players to make their own unique rulesets. Check this mechanic out below:

Source: YouTube
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