dual universe

Official Site: Dual Universe
Studio: Novaquark
Launch Date: Planned for 2018
Genre: Sci-fi sandbox
Business Model: Subscription
Platform: PC

And a real universe.

Betawatch: Dual Universe’s new subscription time token

Subscription time tokens! Those always work out well, right? They always fill people with positive fuzzy thoughts and make people happy? That's a thing,...

Dual Universe touts alien core units as the essential prize you didn’t know you needed

Dual Universe's recent Athena update was touted as the space sandbox MMO's biggest content drop yet, and considering its size, it's entirely possible that...

Dual Universe’s beta introduces an EVE Plex-like coupon for subscription time

Those who haven't been following Dual Universe for a long time may not realize that it's had a subscription system in its pre-launch state...

Dual Universe struggles to ship physical Kickstarter rewards to backers

Let this be a lesson to future crowdfunding campaigns: Be very careful about promising physical rewards because they're a whole lot more difficult to...

Dual Universe previews the visual upgrades of the Athena update

Sure, Dual Universe showed off the visual upgrades coming with the Athena update once before, but this time there's a slightly more comprehensive overview...
Let's prosper.

Betawatch: Prosperous Universe gets a launch date from early access

There's no need to mince words here: We are always happy when a game moves out of early access into actual launch. Often "early...

Dual Universe details the upcoming Aegis Market, weighs the pros and cons of server wipes

The incoming Athena update of Dual Universe will not only bring PvP features, better visuals, and a better starting experience; it will also bring...

Dual Universe runs a final test for its Athena update

The next big content update for Dual Universe is almost here, but it needs one final test before it's ready for prime time. Nova...
Not factored.

Betawatch: Fractured Online’s closed beta has launched

Mm, who doesn't like some good old-fashioned traditional closed beta testing? It tastes like nostalgia and actual progress toward launch. And also just a hint...

Dual Universe’s Athena update will introduce a new tutorial as PTS testing gets extended

There's a feature coming to Dual Universe's Athena update that's remained hidden up until now: a new First Time User Experience, aka FTUE, aka...
Not you!

Betawatch: Palia wraps up another alpha test

We're sorry if you're one of the many people who dearly wants to play Palia but was not invited to the most recent alpha. You...

Dual Universe elaborates on PvP features and changes arriving with the Athena update

Players of Dual Universe already have the overall gist of the Athena update and its primary focus on PvP features, but that doesn't mean...
I demand to pay more for this.

Betawatch: Dual Universe talks up Athena as its last pre-launch patch

Athena, you've gotta see her. Or at least what the update bearing her name means for Dual Universe, which is promising that this is the...

Dual Universe’s Athena update hits PTS March 31, will be the last major update before launch

There's some doubly intriguing news for followers of the space building sandbox Dual Universe out this week: The game's upcoming Athena update is entering...

Dual Universe shows off visual improvements arriving in the Athena update

While the incoming Athena update to Dual Universe is primarily about PvP, that's not the only feature that's on the docket; there's also some...

Dual Universe’s Athena update promises PvP-centric updates to ‘set Helios ablaze’ this spring

The fires of PvP are soon to rage across Dual Universe this spring as the upcoming Athena update is promising "a new tidal wave...

Dual Universe litters outer space with shipwrecks ripe for the plundering

Forget exploring a pristine galaxy where everyone cleans up their trash -- Dual Universe decided that what the cosmos needed was a smattering of...

Dual Universe invites players into a deeply technical look at the Panacea update’s custom voxel tool

The Panacea update of Dual Universe is adding the ability to customize voxels. Normally this would be explanation enough for most, but Novaquark has...

Dual Universe outlines the Panacea update’s planned Lua API changes

Players of Dual Universe who like to get fiddly with the Lua API code of the spaceship sandbox likely perked their ears when the...

Massively Overthinking: The biggest 2021 MMO trainwrecks (almost) nobody noticed

Believe it or not, we're finally almost done with our entire lineup of turn-of-the-calendar-year content and recaps and tallies. It's exhausting! But I have...