Dual Universe hands out titles and goodies to top contributors of a PvE mission campaign


When PvE missions came to Dual Universe in June, it opened up a number of things for the players and for developer Novaquark, such as a treasure hunt and a PvE-focused campaign against the assaulting Astrophage that wrapped up in September. At the end of that campaign, the in-character announcement promised that players who contributed the most during the event would be named and rewarded, and now that list is online.

Two different reward bundles were offered to players who did the most damage during the campaign and those who apparently kept returning to the fight “no matter how many times they failed or how long it took.” The top damage dealers earned the Novark Elite title, an exotic large shield, and 50 million quanta, while the players who apparently kept dying and coming back for more earned the Reliable Soldier title, a rare medium shield, and 15 million quanta.

Novaquark closes the announcement with the vague promise that “the Astrophage threat remains,” suggesting that more such campaigns will be on the horizon. Naturally, players have opinions on both the event itself and how these rewards were doled out, so ideally the studio will take some of that feedback to heart when it decides to kick off a similar event later.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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