Dual Universe addresses upcoming updates to the game’s Lua programming language

When it comes to making things happen in Dual Universe, like opening doors or docking to constructs, the Lua programming language used in the...

Dual Universe recounts recent updates and shares highlights for its next content patch

Most of the time, game-specific newsletters tend to just tell you what you may have already known about recent updates. That's primarily the case...

Dual Universe brings updates to shields, construct cores, and docking with the launch of the Ares update

A lot of the talk coming out of Dual Universe has been focused around its Ares update -- how it's changing shields and construct...

Dual Universe outlines changes to warping and docking coming in the Ares update

Earlier this week Dual Universe started writing up details about adjustments planned for the Ares update, with the first post discussing stress a stress...
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Dual Universe outlines core combat stress, shield changes, and PvP fixes coming in the Ares update

When Dual Universe kicked out a tease to its Ares update on the game's roadmap, it had plenty to list but not a whole...
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Crowfall studio ArtCraft has apparently suffered a round of layoffs

We've got some bad news for fans of Crowfall: It appears that the team behind the game, ArtCraft, is going through some layoffs. The news...

Dual Universe showcases the features of the Apollo update, teases Ares update

At the beginning of August, Dual Universe released the Apollo update, which featured a number of new system additions such as mechanics surrounding asteroid...

Dual Universe focuses on player-created content, including a racing circuit

As Dual Universe strives to meet its goal of launching sometime in the middle of next year, fans are keeping a close eye on...

Dual Universe launches beta patch 0.26 ‘Apollo’ today with shield, asteroids, and chairs

Are you sitting down? Because that's a thing you can do in Dual Universe with the game's most recent patch. Beta patch 0.26, known...
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Dual Universe explains changes coming to weapons and structures for PvP balance

Are you still making everything out of gold in Dual Universe? You might want to stop when the game's next update arrives for the...
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Dual Universe details the tracking, mining, and fighting to be done for asteroids

Asteroids in Dual Universe! You know how to play this; you just rotate your ship a little bit and shoot at the asteroids while...

Dual Universe shares update plans for summer and fall, brings the Apollo patch to PTS

Evidently, Novaquark Studios was so excited to share the latest developments for Dual Universe that it broke tradition and kicked out its next newsletter...

Dual Universe highlights an asteroid tracker and a landing pad for character butts, holds a Q&A session

Walking around in the world of Dual Universe has got to be tiring, but up until now the only seat your poor avatar could...

Dual Universe is officially part of the GeForce NOW games library (but you still need to pay a sub to play it)

Raise your hand if you want to pay for a sub to access a games service and then pay a sub to access one...

Dual Universe introduces hauling missions, the job board, and solo challenges in the Hermes update

Is your quanta purse feeling a little light these days in Dual Universe? Then get ready to rake in that space cheddar with the...

Dual Universe shifts launch window to mid 2022

After Dual Universe put out its series of dev blogs discussing the game's future, followers of the sci-fi sandbox had a number of questions....

Dual Universe promises less tedium, more meaningful PvP, and prettier graphics in latest dev blog

Followers of Dual Universe have been fed a series of dev blogs outlining the future of the in-development sci-fi building sandbox, with the first...

Dual Universe adds self-support features, posts dev letters on live game challenges and costs

Dual Universe has taken to the belief that players of the game should be allowed to help themselves and one another instead of coming...

Dual Universe is asking players to ‘wreak havoc on planets’ soils’ in its latest PTS build

If you're among the backers of Dual Universe who are somehow not unnerved by the silent ouster of Novaquark's president and continuing lack of...

Dual Universe has finally admitted JC Baillie is no longer running Novaquark, but it’s mum about who is

This piece has been updated at the end; the original is as follows. The Dual Universe community has been churning over the last couple of...