Dual Universe is asking players to ‘wreak havoc on planets’ soils’ in its latest PTS build

If you're among the backers of Dual Universe who are somehow not unnerved by the silent ouster of Novaquark's president and continuing lack of...

Dual Universe has finally admitted JC Baillie is no longer running Novaquark, but it’s mum about who is

This piece has been updated at the end; the original is as follows. The Dual Universe community has been churning over the last couple of...

The first part of Dual Universe’s ‘biggest beta update’ arrives with fancier graphics and better jetpacks

Better-looking eye candy? Jetpacks that perform as expected? Wallets to organize all of your hard-earned currency? Yes, please, and pile on some more of...

Dual Universe previews upcoming biome improvements and new building tools

The next update due to arrive in Dual Universe isn't only about adding wallets and missions, it's also about improving biome visuals and adding...

Dual Universe offers up a detailed look at its upcoming mission system

Making money in Dual Universe requires a bit more legwork than most MMO players might be used to, particularly since traders need to haul...

Dual Universe sketches an outline of a content-packed 2021

Dual Universe CEO and Creative Director J.C. Bailie would like to have a little chat with you. Don't worry, you're not in trouble, Bailie...

Dual Universe introduces the full rundown on its detailed blueprint DRM systems

One of the goals of the open creative structure in Dual Universe is to allow designers to sell their designs to other players. But how...

Dual Universe is changing the schematic prices that players blasted in the last patch

Last week, the Dual Universe community erupted in frustration over the beta's 0.23 patch, which touched on everything from buy orders to blueprints and...
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Dual Universe releases 0.23 beta patch as players lament grind and invalid keys

Dual Universe studio Novaquark patched up the beta this week, adding a range of quality-of-life and economy fixes with its 0.23 release. Most notably...
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Dual Universe drops new voxel creation trailer, explains how it’ll protect individual creator blueprints

Let's outline a scenario. You make a blueprint for a great ship in Dual Universe. Your acquaintance Trab asks you for the blueprint, which he...

Dual Universe’s aerospace expo brought together a thousand players and their hardware

Did you realize that Dual Universe's beta test has been going on for two months now? I didn't, but that's pretty cool to see....

Dual Universe bans players who took advantage of an official construct’s poor permissions settings

There's something of an uproar occurring in the Dual Universe community involving two players, the game's RDMS system that powers who has access to...

Grab a key for three months of Dual Universe beta time courtesy of Novaquark and MOP!

When sci-fi MMORPG sandbox Dual Universe launched its beta this past August, it did so with an unusual caveat: While early backers would be...

Some Assembly Required: The future of Dual Universe’s puzzle events and development

While I may be sad at missing Dual Universe's first big puzzle event that was just solved (though folks can still follow the clues...

Some Assembly Required: How clever gamers solved Dual Universe’s massive puzzle event in record time

If you are a fan of sandboxes and virtual worlds - and you are reading Some Assembly Required, so you probably are - then...
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Dual Universe studio Novaquark issues password resets following registration ‘security issue’

If you've signed up for a Dual Universe website account, you probably received a worrisome email this afternoon informing you of a password reset...

Dual Universe’s August beta will also see the end of NDA

Dual Universe is sort of repeating itself in its latest newsletter, but then tooting the horn of an upcoming beta launch is to be...

Dual Universe shows off its shiny new character model

Dual Universe would like to introduce you to someone. It's yourself. No, the devs at Novaquark aren't asking you to do some meditative introspection;...

Previewing Dual Universe’s space PvP, construction, looting, and death

It's no secret that my favorite aspect of Dual Universe is the opportunity for creativity. Bring on that voxel building! Oh the hours I'll...

Dual Universe is finally entering beta in August – with a subscription model

Long-running MMORPG fansite Gamespot (/s) has just posted the not-so-exclusive-now news that sci-fi MMO Dual Universe is expected to hit beta on August 27th. MMO...