Grab a key for three months of Dual Universe beta time courtesy of Novaquark and MOP!

When sci-fi MMORPG sandbox Dual Universe launched its beta this past August, it did so with an unusual caveat: While early backers...

Some Assembly Required: The future of Dual Universe’s puzzle events and development

While I may be sad at missing Dual Universe's first big puzzle event that was just solved (though folks can still follow...

Some Assembly Required: How clever gamers solved Dual Universe’s massive puzzle event in record time

If you are a fan of sandboxes and virtual worlds - and you are reading Some Assembly Required, so you probably are -...
So we can agree that we're not getting the anchovies.

Dual Universe studio Novaquark issues password resets following registration ‘security issue’

If you've signed up for a Dual Universe website account, you probably received a worrisome email this afternoon informing you of a password...

Dual Universe’s August beta will also see the end of NDA

Dual Universe is sort of repeating itself in its latest newsletter, but then tooting the horn of an upcoming beta launch...

Dual Universe shows off its shiny new character model

Dual Universe would like to introduce you to someone. It's yourself. No, the devs at Novaquark aren't asking you to do some meditative...

Previewing Dual Universe’s space PvP, construction, looting, and death

It's no secret that my favorite aspect of Dual Universe is the opportunity for creativity. Bring on that voxel building! Oh the hours...

Dual Universe is finally entering beta in August – with a subscription model

Long-running MMORPG fansite Gamespot (/s) has just posted the not-so-exclusive-now news that sci-fi MMO Dual Universe is expected to hit beta on...

Dual Universe outlines alpha 3.1’s updates to visuals, warp drives, resurrection nodes, and tutorials

What's in the works for the next Dual Universe alpha build? A fair number of things according to the latest Inside Novaquark...
Single-platform universe.

Dual Universe is still not going to consoles… but it could, with these specs

With everyone all agog over the specs for the PlayStation Five and the Xbox Series X, the team at Novaquark has looked at these...

Dual Universe’s beta will include new UI features, items, and reworked planets and moons

While Dual Universe is still going to focus on refining and improving the current alpha 3 build of the voxelbox, the team at...

Dual Universe is rearranging the controls on the Speeder for easier use

The Speeder is the first vehicle you're tasked with assembling in Dual Universe, and as a result it's the introduction to vehicle controls....

Dual Universe launches a new Twitch channel and summarizes its features in a new video

For a while there, Dual Universe was chock-a-block with information and updates as it was working on releasing and refining its alpha...

Check out the winners of Dual Universe’s player-generated content contest

Back at the end of March, we covered Dual Universe's space station building contest, whereby alpha participants had six months to put...

Daybreak, Cryptic, City State, Frontier, and more MMO studios affected by worldwide pandemic shutdowns

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make itself felt, we've got another quick roundup of news relevant to MMO players. First, we've...

Dual Universe shares the tech being used to optimize performance going forward

In a sandbox game with procedural generation and voxel building, there's a lot of moving parts that can very likely bog a player's PC...

Dual Universe offers a look at the new global 3-D navigation feature coming in alpha 3

Yep, it's another alpha 3 preview from Dual Universe! This time, it's a peek at the global 3-D navigation feature, which isn't...
So we can agree that we're not getting the anchovies.

Dual Universe’s game-changing alpha 3 is officially going live today

It's been the subject of a whole lot of reporting here recently, and for pretty good reason: Alpha 3 of Dual Universe is...

Dual Universe takes a close look at organizations, rights management, and ownership

Carving out a piece of the interstellar dream is likely going to be the driving motivator for most players of Dual Universe, whether...

Dual Universe shows off new piloting updates coming to Alpha 3

Dual Universe's upcoming January Alpha 3 test keeps on showing off features. This time, it's all about piloting control, which will be...