Dual Universe previews update 1.3’s schematic container, maintenance unit, and expanded ship shop

Single-platform universe.

The next major update coming to the sci-fi building sandbox of Dual Universe is on the way, and it’s bringing several quality-of-life features for those who want to manage their constructs and a new expansion to the game’s UEF Store.

Repair units will be replaced with new maintenance units, which provide a wider assortment of construct management features to repair or disassemble builds. For the industry-minded player, a container can be assigned as a schematic container, which will automatically feed schematics to industry units that are linked to it. Finally, the in-game ship store now features a blueprint basement to buy outpost, ship, and speeder blueprints.

These three features were highlighted in a recent developer livestream, as one of the devs walked players through the new basement of the UEF Store, used a maintenance unit to repair a damaged craft, and set up a container to dish out schematics to a line of industry units live on stream. That video can be seen below the break.

As for when update 1.3 will go live, there currently is no timetable, but PTS testing of its feature set was available for a limited time during the first weekend of February; no further PTS dates have been confirmed as of yet.

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