Dual Universe’s 1.2 update introduces a tactical map, a returning planet, and new spawning rules for asteroids


Regular players of Dual Universe were likely already keeping abreast of the features due for the sandbox’s next patch, but yesterday saw the update officially go live along with a set of patch notes to match that naturally provide more details on what’s new.

One of the bigger features added is a new tactical map accessible in gunner seats and the widget radar. This new map is effectively the same as the game’s system map in terms of its visual tech, only with some tactical information for nearby constructs that get picked up by radar.

Another major part of the patch is the return of the planet Talemai, which has been updated with three moons and a lava-covered surface. The planet’s return further brings new constructs, missions for the planet, and a variety of new ore pools. Speaking of space rocks, there are also new spawn rules that govern asteroids, which now have individual spawn lifetimes.

The patch has also brought on two new alien cores, applied some general game changes, and crushed a few bugs. Naturally, the patch notes provide more details, and there’s a crispy new trailer waiting below.

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