Dual Universe readies Update 1.2 with its tactical map and unpredictable asteroids


Dual Universe’s September launch was one of the quieter events of the MMO year, which probably isn’t a good thing. Still, the devs at NovaQuark continue to buckle down and improve the space sandbox to make it worth players’ time.

In fact, the game’s second post-launch content release, Update 1.2, is scheduled to arrive on December 12th. This patch reworks asteroids so that they’ll spawn and despawn randoml and gives players a better way to find abandoned wrecks to salvage.

However, the biggest feature of the update is the new tactical map: “Are you looking for a fight or trying to avoid one? Whatever your aims, we’re adding a new tool for you to navigate with more precision and awareness of the space around you. With integration into the piloting and gunner HUD, the Tactical Map allows you a clearer view of your surroundings and a better ability to interact with the map.”

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