Fae Farm debuts a new gameplay trailer that emphasizes cozy activities and a laid-back pace


Before this year’s Game Awards, there was a presentation run by Wholesome Games called Wholesome Snack, with an emphasis on cozy, enriching, and distinct indie games. Among the titles in the showcase was Fae Farm, which brought with it a new gameplay trailer to showcase its comfy and relaxed magical world.

The trailer emphasized the title’s co-op nature and more relaxed pace, noting that each day can herald a new activity, and any pursuit players take on will help the village grow. Of course, there was a peek at important things like house decorating and tea brewing, and the video also previewed several players collecting resources and exploring the area to create a cauldron.

Fae Farm recently tied down a spring 2023 release window, so there’s still lots of time between now and then for the game to arrive. In the meanwhile, the new gameplay preview awaits below.

sources: press release, YouTube
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