Dual Universe outlines improvements coming to its Lua scripting language in Update 1.4


Regular players of the sci-fi building sandbox Dual Universe are likely familiar with the Lua scripting language that lets players make a variety of construct systems run, so the latest development blog from Novaquark is probably going to delight those who like to get granular with Lua API control, as it offers a look at some major upgrades when the game launches Update 1.4.

The next patch will do things to improve the Lua environment, herald the return to the widely used JSON library format, resolve an issue with booleans, introduce a new section to the Lua codex, and make syntax highlighting better overall. In layman’s terms, the whole system should provide more customization for scripts, better radar functions, and overall better performance.

The blog post is admittedly tailored specifically to those who write in code in DU, but all the same it’s an important piece of information for Lua scripters.

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