Massive New World datamine hints at dungeon group finder, weapons, zone, and potential mounts

Meanwhile, wealth trading has been disabled yet again


A common refrain of people playing New World is that it still somehow feels like it’s rushed out of the door, missing content, features, and other things (not to mention all of its bugs). It would appear that a few of those gripes could possibly be tamped down thanks to a huge datamined list of developing features for the MMO, many of them appearing to address a number of these complaints.

It should be noted that this list of features could still be in very deep development, so things are subject to change. Furthermore, release timing for any of these features hasn’t been nailed down yet, so a lot of these new additions could be months in coming. Still, players have a lot to look forward to in the near (or distant) future, including dungeon mutations that adjust existing dungeon difficulty, six new dungeons, and work on a group finder tool for said dungeons.

The list also showcases a new level 60+ area known as Brimstone Sands, some rewards for earning experience post-level cap for professions, some initial items related to a winter-themed event, and several new weapons including a greatsword, one-handed and two-handed maces, twin daggers, pistols, and a blunderbuss. Finally, the datamining has unearthed three hidden items related to mounts. It’s overall a pretty impressive list of goodies, it’s just a question of how far along any of these features are in coming.

Meanwhile, New World’s immediate future continues to look rocky, as the devs have once again been forced to turn off wealth trading in the game due to yet another duping bug. Once the exploit has been found and closed, the devs promise to re-engage wealth trading once more, but for now, players are going to have to keep their coin in their purses.

source: Aeternum Adventure via Reddit (cheers Daras!), official forums
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