Dual Universe answers more player questions about ship control and offers new player advice


Dual Universe is back with yet another player Q&A video, fielding a selection of player questions and granting them developer answers. Which is what Q&A stands for. Everyone should be familiar with this concept by this point, whether it’s out of DU or other MMOs.

Many of the questions in the latest video discuss some of the finer points of spaceship creation and control, such as discussion of the way the game calculates inertia, what enabling engine torque does, and how to make a ship fly overall. The video also answers questions about finding the UI panel for character cosmetics like outfits and titles, where to advertise ships for sale, and how to use containers and link them together.

Finally, a pair of questions about new player advice are asked: The first answer immediately suggests that players join an organization, while a follow-up question that asked what new players who don’t want to join an org should do, which essentially got the response of play the game and use the help button a lot.

source: YouTube
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