EverQuest attempts to clear up confusion over user interface upgrade


With all of the meaty plans that Daybreak has in store for EverQuest this year, perhaps none has proven more buzzworthy than the mention of a new user interface engine. And by “buzzworthy,” we mean “abject confusion.”

Thus, the studio showed up on the forums to try to clarify this news: “There’s some confusion around the new UI engine and if we’re doing a port or a revamp of the UI/UX. We are performing a port which means we’re replacing the engine (the part the runs the UI) and not planning to do any changes to the look or flow of any of the existing windows in this phase.”

Daybreak said that the upgraded UI will look and function “as much like the current UI as possible.” However, the improved tech will allow for window scaling, window docking, and a conversion tool to help with importing players’ custom UIs.

The new engine and some of its features are set to go live in April.

Source: EverQuest. Thanks Wilhelm! This article was amended after publication to clarify the game is EverQuest not EverQuest II.
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