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Dark down.

EVE Online players have formed a new corporation led by ChatGPT

It's said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, so why trust all of the power of an EVE Online corporation to one human when you...

Dual Universe hands out titles and goodies to top contributors of a PvE mission campaign

When PvE missions came to Dual Universe in June, it opened up a number of things for the players and for developer Novaquark, such...

Sea of Thieves Season 10 adds guilds and combat updates now, readies new voyage and PvE mode later

After a multi-month delay, there's finally a new season to play in Sea of Thieves. Season 10 has officially launched today, bringing with it...

Sea of Thieves releases the final Monkey Island Tall Tale today

Players who have worked their way through the Monkey Island-themed Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves have one last adventure with Guybrush and company...

Elite Dangerous Update 16 adds a mystery feature, squashes multiple bugs, and pays tribute to a former dev

Today is another patch day for Elite: Dangerous, and if you were hoping for some mystery, then you're in luck because Update 16's patch...

Second Life celebrates 20 years with in-game events, real-life prize giveaways, and a documentary

Linden Lab is marking a very special occasion this week, as its massive online sandbox Second Life is celebrating 20 years of operation, with...

Multiplayer sandbox RPG Tinkertown will exit early access on June 22

Remember Tinkertown? It's a multiplayer building-focused sandbox RPG that we first reported on last July, with the promise of lots of exploration, building, and...

Sea of Thieves irons out gameplay wrinkles, adds new cosmetics, and collabs with a maritime museum

If you have fond memories of the time when the Pirates of the Caribbean movie collaborated with Sea of Thieves back in December 2021,...

Sea of Thieves’ latest video highlights its next PvE adventure and planned factional PvP improvements

Sea of Thieves' first video news digest of this year has a little something for everyone in terms of PvE and PvP. Assuming, of...

Sea of Thieves outlines plans to lessen queue times for its match-made factional PvP fights

One of the marquee features of Sea of Thieves' eighth season was the addition of factional PvP content, such as a match-made activity that...