EVE Online players have formed a new corporation led by ChatGPT

Dark down.

It’s said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, so why trust all of the power of an EVE Online corporation to one human when you can have a chat AI do it instead? That’s (probably) the rationale behind the formation of Neural Nexus, a new corp in the spaceship sandbox that leaves its decision-making to ChatGPT.

Neural Nexus relies on a council of three to five directors who consult ChatGPT monthly to get larger corporation instructions, then record those responses to a larger codex in order to ensure some level of continuity. This human council will also handle the day-to-day operation of the corp, so it’s not entirely run by an AI.

Despite the need for human management, the founders maintain that use of the large language model program “maintains a clear and consistent vision for the corporation embedded in its programming” and encourages players to consult the AI in order to get their marching orders. “This groundbreaking endeavor places us at the forefront of a new era in New Eden,” the recruitment post states. “Join Neural Nexus, and become part of this revolutionary experience in New Eden!”

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