Elite Dangerous Update 16 adds a mystery feature, squashes multiple bugs, and pays tribute to a former dev


Today is another patch day for Elite: Dangerous, and if you were hoping for some mystery, then you’re in luck because Update 16’s patch notes offer precisely that, as one of the leading additions is “Added REDACTED to REDACTED.”

Naturally, Frontier Developments is coy on what these redacted items are and even admits that the air of mystery may arrive as frustrating to some, but the studio also hopes players appreciate how “mystery elements are what can truly make Elite: Dangerous an intriguing place to be, especially with evolving narrative elements.”

As for the rest of the notes’ highlights, those include new evacuation missions from wealthy passengers, updates to Thargoid retreat behavior, and a significant list of bug fixes for server crashes, crime scan cheesing, bark mound locations, POI spawning, and much more. The full patch notes provide all of the details.

Finally, Update 16 is paying tribute to former executive producer Michael Brookes, who passed away in June, with the inclusion of Brookes Galactic Tours. Players will see advertisements for this company in most markets and can take up a miniseries of tourist beacons to see some interstellar sights. “We hope you enjoy exploring and will take a moment to pause and enjoy the wonder that Mike helped bring to the universe of Elite,” the notes read.

sources: official forums, official site, Twitter via Reddit. Cheers, Colin!
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