Sea of Thieves releases the final Monkey Island Tall Tale today


Players who have worked their way through the Monkey Island-themed Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves have one last adventure with Guybrush and company left, and this one arrives with what looks like a suitable spectacle featuring the Dread Pirate LeChuck, if the update’s trailer is anything to go by.

The new Lair of LeChuck adventure will see players opening up the titular location, delving into its labyrinthine depths, crewing a boat, and getting into a ship-based firefight with LeChuck while sailing around in a giant lava-filled arena. It’s probably best not to worry about how wooden ships are sailing in lava; just be glad it is and hope that patching holes below decks doesn’t get too spicy.

Since there’s still some time before Season 10 arrives with its extremely hamstrung PvE private servers on October 19th, players will have to focus on helping out Guybrush one more time if they decide to. Or they can just get the general thrust of things by watching the trailer below.

source: YouTube
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