Black Desert PC makes PvE-focused class tweaks, applies conquest war QoL, and fights sweets-stealing bears


It’s quite a week in the PC version of Black Desert, as the game’s latest update has made another wide assortment of changes to the sandbox MMORPG that really can only be compiled as “things in this update.” That’s kind of the only binding tie here.

First, the game’s classes have gotten another round of adjustments, most of which fall towards a PvE focus, specifically in the case of the Woosa, Drakania, Musa, and Sorceress. Second, a few quality-of-life updates have been applied for node and conquest wars that allow for the easier moving of the indomitable flag once its planted, stop invading enemies from being to respawn within a defender’s walls after the gate is broken open, and add a new keybind so players can hop onto a friends two-seater mount easier. Other updates in the patch include a few Red Battlefield adjustments, some UI updates, and a variety of general fixes.

The patch has also once more launched another slate of events, which is where we get to the part about bears “drawn by the crunchy sound of hangwa:” Players can find some tasty confections by farming and gathering and will also get “bountiful rewards […] if [they] defeat the bears that are attracted by crunchiness!” Other events include an autumnal hot time event, extra rewards for beating the Earth Aura boss, and a screenshot contest centered around a new Drakania outfit.

source: official site (1, 2)
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