V Rising is still eyeing launch for Q2 2024, with a new biome, customization, and live events

Also sitting in chairs


Back in June, we noted that Stunlock Studio’s vampire survivalbox V Rising – which has been in early access since May of last year and suffered several content delays of its first bit patch – was finally eyeing a launch plan. At the time, Gloomrot had just released, and the team said it was eyeing “the big 1.0” launch, which was expected to take a year. That would’ve put it at something like May or June 2024.

So in today’s dev blog, Stunlock has reiterated that plan and indeed hardened the launch window for the “second quarter of 2024.”

“The full version of V Rising represents a fusion of our original vision from years past and the invaluable feedback-driven enhancements and directions we’ve adopted over time. It means a fully fleshed-out and enticing journey through Vardoran, with a captivating beginning and a heart-stopping finale. It’s pushing forward with a complete vampire experience we can stand behind with pride. We also want you to understand that ‘complete’ does not mean ending the game’s development. Our journey with V Rising continues as long as our players keep returning, hungry for more. There will still be plenty of ways for us to bring more bloodshed, decadence, and terrifying Vampire magic to the table beyond 1.0.”

To whet gamers’ appetites for the long-off update, the team also gave a first look at an icy new zone and biome, highly detailed character costume customization “down to the last detail,” more castle cosmetics, sitting in chairs (yes), revamps for spell and progression unlocks (to make them more accessible, not less), weapon additions, and live events.

“When you’re reaching the apex of your vampire journey, you’ll find the new area bustling with spontaneous happenings, beckoning you out from your cozy castle for some tasty treats,” Stunlock teases. “Engage in alliances or face-offs with other Vampires, collecting valuable resources and bonuses crucial for the game’s advanced stages. These living events, if all goes well, could pave the way for dynamic events bursting to life all across Vardoran! While we’re still finetuning the mechanics and determining what will make the cut for the 1.0 patch, rest assured, our focus is on making Vardoran a more vibrant and unpredictable playground for the full release – both for PvE and PvP.”

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