V Rising’s next release will be its proper launch – and take a whole year of development


You’ll have to do a lot of scrolling around in the latest V Rising dev blog to find the important bits, as Stunlock Studios is spending most of its ink today thanking players for playing its update earlier this spring and teasing – vaguely – the future. Very vaguely.

“In the next phase of V Rising, a grand conclusion to the vampire legend awaits,” the studio intones. “It signifies the pinnacle of your journey to supremacy and marks the start of your reign as the apex predator of Vardoran. It’s the end of your ascension but the beginning of your legend. It serves as a satisfying conclusion to this chapter while leaving room for more adventures ahead.”

Indeed, the company stresses that while it’s on track to “reach a version of the game that [it] consider[s] to be ‘complete,'” it isn’t abandoning the game, which “has room to evolve and grow even in its finished state.”

“We’re aiming to make the next update V Rising’s full release, THE BIG 1.0, and it will require a similar development timeframe as Gloomrot of around a year. But what does it mean for V Rising to reach its full release, transitioning out of Early Access? It involves further developing our existing systems to make them more engaging, exploring new possible features, and adding more content. It means providing a satisfying conclusion to the adventure-focused PvE side of the survival experience. We’ll also enhance our internal tools to streamline our work process, which will take time. This investment will pave the way for improved efficiency and a smoother workflow beyond 1.0. That means better content, faster.”

The team also drops a few stats worth considering, such as how many players aren’t feeling frustrated or challenged by the game (almost a quarter of respondents) and how many don’t PvP (around 44%).

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