Sea of Thieves video previews Black Powder Stashes event, upcoming balance changes

Shiver me timbers, it's time for another weekly Sea of Thieves developer update. This time, Executive Producer Joe Neate gives players a taste...

Sea of Thieves promises a more ‘predictable, regular cadence’ for content in latest video

In this week's Sea of Thieves developer update video, Executive Producer Joe Neate digs into the latest update for Rare's high-seas sandbox...
undead, etc.

Sea of Thieves brings the ‘chieves in its anniversary update today

Sea of Thieves' massive anniversary update sets sail today - though it was a little late -  bringing with it a veritable...

Sea of Thieves is taking aim at combat adjustments in its next update

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Sea of Thieves retraces the Pirate Code in its first developer update video of 2019

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Sea of Thieves’ foggy Shrouded Spoils update rolls out tomorrow

Avast, mateys, what's that just on the horizon? Why, it's Sea of Thieves's next content update, Shrouded Spoils, which the team at

Sea of Thieves previews the PvP arena, the Sea Dogs trading company, and pets

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Sea of Thieves talks Forsaken Shores, cargo runs, and the upcoming Bilge Rat Adventure

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Sea of Thieves weekly dev update addresses Forsaken Shores delay

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Sea of Thieves delays Forsaken Shores update until September 27th

Earlier this week, Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate issued an update to keep fans apprised of Rare's progress on...

Sea of Thieves progress update warns of possible Forsaken Shores delay

As the projected release of Sea of Thieves's latest major content update, Forsaken Shores, creeps ever closer, Executive Producer Joe Neate has...

Sea of Thieves developer update video talks Forsaken Shores and Bilge Rat Adventures

Although Sea of Thieves players may be somewhat disappointed that they won't be receiving a game update this week, the folks over at...
Splash, ah-ah

Sea of Thieves rolling out bug-fixes for Athena Voyages and banana-eating pigs

The salty dogs at Rare took to Twitter today to announce that the dev team is still hard at work implementing fixes for...