Sea of Thieves talks Safer Seas launch date, holiday login goodies, and player cheese in latest video digest


The regular video newsletters out of Sea of Thieves have yet another addition, and like usual it gathers together some of the upcoming affairs for the next few weeks and beyond, including a launch date for the upcoming Safer Seas PvE option, some Christmas cheer, and a general rundown of current and future feature updates.

The video begins by talking up the things players can do in Safer Seas (while ignoring the myriad things they can’t do) along with confirmation of its launch date on Thursday, December 7th. There’s even a separate tweet with a cheeky little GTA 6 nod. Just don’t read the replies to that tweet. Or do if you want confirmation that playing with others is hell.

Next up, there’s a Christmas-themed Gifts and Glory event scheduled to run between December 18th and 24th that grants players login bonuses like gold, a thematic flag, voyages, and a crate of festive cannon fireworks. Another login bonus will be handed out between December 30th and January 2nd in the form of the golden Grogmanay tankard or a fresh notch on the tankard to mark the new year for those who already own the cosmetic.

Finally, the video goes over some fixes applied to the recently launched Skull of Siren Song that address player cheese tactics and tweak a couple of ship curses, while promising to further address players using ship scuttling to gain a tactical advantage in the voyage. The devs are also continuing to work on improving server performance but state that applying fixes will take some time, then the segment closes out with acknowledgment of several more instances of player exploits and whether they’re intended design or not. Surprisingly, most of them aren’t!

source: YouTube
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