Sea of Thieves’ foggy Shrouded Spoils update rolls out tomorrow


Avast, mateys, what’s that just on the horizon? Why, it’s Sea of Thieves’s next content update, Shrouded Spoils, which the team at Rare has just announced will be going live tomorrow, November 28th. When it hits, players can expect their spoils to be much more, well, shrouded, largely thanks to the introduction of fog, which will add a sheen of mystique and danger to players’ adventures on the high seas and give players a reason to make use of the oft-neglected crow’s nest.

In addition, the update will also allow players to further customize their ships with new cosmetic options for ships’ wheels, capstans, and cannons, to name a few. And even if you’re an inveterate salty dog, Shrouded Spoils has new goodies for you, too, as it will bring new commendations that can be earned only by players who have achieved Pirate Legend status. On top of all that, the update will also be bringing updates and improvements to skeleton ships, new rewards for defeating the nefarious Kraken and Megalodon, and more. Also, bear in mind that the release of Shrouded Spoils will mark the removal of the time-limited Festival of the Damned cosmetics, so if you’re still gunning for any of those, be sure to get your hands on them before the update goes live tomorrow morning.

Source: Twitter

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