high seas

Massively Uplifting: Supporting small businesses, grieving through games, and lending helping hands

Did you go trick-or-treating? There's still time! Here, have a handful of warm fuzzies! Take some full-sized good deeds! October has been full of...

Sea of Thieves introduces the Ashen Lords with today’s update

It's all over in Sea of Thieves, because you now have to fight skeletons covered in fire. Yes, the Ashen Lords arrive...
dem bones

Sea of Thieves has welcomed more than 15 million players

Playing Sea of Thieves is all about sailing on the high seas, but it turns out that they're not particularly lonely waters. The...

Black Desert adds the cutest lil furry critters you ever did see in Papua Crinea update

OK, so who had "adorable mammals in Black Desert" on their 2020 bingo cards? Because that is what you're getting with today's update...
undead, etc.

Sea of Thieves looks forward to its next major patch while pledging support for Black Lives Matter and the community

Everyone should feel welcome in Sea of Thieves. That's a big message shared by the game's executive producer Joe Neate ahead of...

Sea of Thieves is now live on Steam

Yarr, yo ho, walk the plank, feed Johnny Depp his lines through an earpiece, and other faintly nautical words are all appropriate today, as 
Sea sea sea sea sea sea

ArcheAge’s newest test patch includes Stillwater Gulf, a new raid boss, and new faction conflicts

Are you ready to fight and survive on the high seas? The upcoming Stillwater Gulf instance in ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained is functionally...

Hop a treasure ship in TERA’s Crescent Sea update, coming to PC in February

En Masse just dropped a bunch of info on Crescent Sea, the next big update launching for the flagship PC version of TERA....
There are lots of different defintions of penalty.

Ultima Online’s Jolly Roger update is officially live this week

Here we go: Ultima Online's last major update of 2019 is now upon us as the Jolly Roger has officially set sail on...
Your house is my house, your gear is my gear.

Ultima Online celebrates Halloween, tests Jolly Roger patch, and ends event program

The 22-year-old Ultima Online is busy celebrating more than just its birthday: It's also celebrating Halloween and the Jolly Roger patch, which...
Set sale for design issues.

Atlas has released its devkit on the Epic launcher

If you want to live the life of a pirate on the high seas, you can jump in and play Atlas. If you want...

Ultima Online turns 22 years old today, teases upcoming Jolly Roger update

It's a big day for the seminal game of our genre: Ultima Online is officially 22 years old. "On this day in 1997 thousands...
Your house is my house, your gear is my gear.

Ultima Online’s publish 106, Forsaken Foes, is live on the eve of its 22nd birthday

Would you believe we're just a week away from the seminal game of the MMO genre's 22nd birthday? We are indeed, and Ultima...
There are lots of different defintions of penalty.

Ultima Online’s Forsaken Foes update is now open for testing

As promised, Ultima Online is gearing up for its fall update, Forsaken Foes, part of which hit the test server this week. As...

Ultima Online readies a pumpkin ship for Forsaken Foes

With the Forgotten Treasures update out this summer, the Ultima Online team has moved on to preparing for the next big thing,...

Ultima Online announces Forsaken Foes update for this fall

With Forgotten Treasures live on the production servers, Broadsword is already looking ahead to the unkillable Ultima Online's next entry in its...

Ultima Online has completely overhauled treasure hunting in this week’s Forgotten Treasures update

2019 has been the year to be a fan of pirates and boats and sea-faring escapades in Ultima Online, as Broadsword's been rolling...

E3 2019: Black Desert announces Great Expedition expansion and adorable Shai class

Black Desert brought the good stuff to fan con Heidel Ball this weekend thanks to a slew of announcements about new content inbound...
undead, etc.

Sea of Thieves brings the ‘chieves in its anniversary update today

Sea of Thieves' massive anniversary update sets sail today - though it was a little late -  bringing with it a veritable...

Ultima Online’s upcoming Forgotten Treasures is a dramatic treasure hunting overhaul

Broadsword's been on a tear in 2019 with Ultima Online updates. Back in January, it announced that it'd be rolling out high...