Sea of Thieves releases its stripped-down Safer Seas PvE mode, and the servers are already buckling


Today is the day when players who want to sail the Sea of Thieves with a vetted crew of friends and without the potential of other players ruining their fun for the presumed “lolz” (do skill-less and lazy PvPers still say that?) can do so. The Safer Seas PvE private server feature has officially come online, alongside an expected launch trailer as well as an explainer video that shares what can and cannot be experienced in the mode.

As a refresher, Safer Seas lets players experience Tall Tales, progression up to level 40 with nearly all in-game factions, season pass progress, most voyages, and gold and rep earnings at a 30% reduced rate. What Safer Seas locks out from PvE players is captaincy features, guild features, the ability to earn pirate legend status, and access to live events such as Gold and Glory.

Despite the hamstringing of features for PvE players, the launch of Safer Seas has already seen a queue to get in form after just an hour of its launch, while replies from other players on Twitter report that the demand is also strangling access to the gankbox High Seas servers. And while Steam is only a small fraction of the game’s wider platform reach, SOT has already gotten near to its last 24-hour player peak within a minute. Fancy that: a PvE format for an otherwise FFA PvP title is popular.

sources: YouTube (1, 2), Twitter, Steamcharts
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