EVE Online begins its four day-long Vanguard FPS mode test today

Call of Eden: Shoot a Mans

It’s time to experience EVE Online from a different perspective: from inside of the skull of someone with a gun. For at least the fourth time. The EVE Vanguard “first strike” test has begun, running from today, December 7th, until Monday, December 11th, for those who are subscribers to the sandbox.

“Frenetic, dynamic, and socially driven, EVE Vanguard will put you boots-on-the-ground across the hazardous environments of New Eden. As Vanguard, players will fuel the war machine, adding corruption to the frontlines, delivering vital resources to the EVE economy, and completing contracts that turn the tide of battle.”

Despite this being a sort of closed beta test, this first run of Vanguard will be linked to the wider EVE Online sandbox, promising that players who run-and-gun will be making an impact beyond the scope of their personal firefights.

Players who take part in this test will be rewarded with a unique and untradeable Arkombine Arisen capsule cosmetic, while additional rewards for Vanguard are promised in the future. More details are shared in the video waiting below the break.

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